Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Soccer practice

The kids and I had a blast at Ashlyn's soccer practice tonight.  I was hoping they would not catch a glimpse of the slide until much later in her practice but McKenna zeroed in on it before we were even out of the car so off we went, Ashlyn in one direction and Parker, McKenna, Sawyer, the stroller (loaded with enough gear to keep us living happily on a deserted island for a good week or so) and I in the other.  

I'm not sure I will do that again without an extra set of hands but regardless everyone had a great time and we will all sleep good tonight.
Speaking of soccer practice, I have to say for the millionth time how much we love Special Olympics.  Ashlyn is busy year round with activities and has met an amazing group of kids and volunteers.  Someday she may even like it enough to let me snap a picture or two of her in action :)


Soccer Uniforms said...

Its really a very cute pic. I love the pics of kids specially when they are in action.

Nan & Mike said...

Cute! Thinking of you Jess! Love, Nan xxx

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