Saturday, October 23, 2010

Loss Mom PSA

A friend of mine warned me not to enter Halloween USA.  Apparently they are selling a new Halloween decoration called Zombie Babies.  Who would come up with something this cruel and disgusting and who would put it on their shelves?  Sad.

I have already contacted Halloween USA and the manufacturer of Zombie Babies, Spirit Halloween and asked that they remove this item from production and from the shelves of their stores.  I also let them know how strong the loss mom community is, how many supporters we have and that I had a feeling most of us would not be giving them any business any time soon in fear of seeing something this grotesque.

If you have a minute please send them both a message, I would love to see these things taken off the shelves.  The links I gave above will take you directly to their contact pages and will not show you the Zombie Babies, I promise!

Oh and feel free to copy this post and use wherever you would like.

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