Monday, October 18, 2010

This is all I've got

Unfortunately for everyone reading, our household is full immersed in potty training and, as I sat down to blog there is not much else I can talk about.

Here are a few experiences that potty training two 3 year-olds at once has give me...

1. Saying "do you have to go potty?" so many times that now everyone is just asking each other:
    Do you have to go potty Kenna?
    Do you have to go potty Parker?
    Do you have to go potty Sawyer?
    Do you have to go potty Mommy/Daddy/Sissy? (Sissy does NOT appreciate this question)

2.  Sitting in the CVS parking lot begging my daughter, who is looking at me like I have two heads, to use the cute little portable potty that my friend, the potty genius (you know who you are), recommended.  (See #3 for results of debate)

3.  Heading through CVS to find pull ups with a 3 year old trailing behind walking like she just completed a long horseback ride since peeing down your leg while walking into the store is a much better alternative than listening to your Mommy and going on your new portable potty.

4.  Completely stripping and cleaning two car seats and covers because the refusal to use portable potty is catchy. (thank goodness for shopping trip in #3, pull ups will be worn by all seated in the back seat of our vehicle)

5.  Extensive visits to the bathroom. I have a chair in there now.  And a pillow and blanket. 
Singing, dancing, book reading, all done in the bathroom, in hopes of getting someone to stay in there long enough to get something accomplished and to avoid a trip right back in there 2 minutes later.

6.  Rearranging of the vehicle to fit their full size little potty since the portable one is not catching on.  (see #2 and #3)

7.  Prebooking dentist visits.  The amount of treats it takes to get these people to go is impressive.

7.  Creative naming of pull ups.  They are not diapers, we are far too mature for that. They are big-kid-pants-for-when-we-nap-and-go-somewhere.

And my absolute favorite...

8.  The thorough investigation of all unidentified objects.  There is no drop of liquid nor speck of brown-toned crumb that can be passed by, wiped up or swept without thorough inspection and questioning of all nearby (or faraway and hiding) parties.  NEVER. A. DULL. MOMENT.

And lastly, a bedtime conversation that sums up the learnings of our week:

Me:  Big girls...
McKenna:  go on the potty.
Me:  Right!  And big boys...
Parker:  only wipe their butts when they poop.
My crazy potty trainees + 1. Slappy happy from days and days in the house because Mommy does not want to strip clean the car seats again.

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Taylor and Allison said...

i bought those "adult incontinence pads" (you know, what they lay you on in your hospital bed post c-section? if i was being brave and attempted underwear in the car, i laid one of these down in the car seat, so if there was an accident i NEVER had to attempt to wash a car seat cover again! ;)
ian: trained in 3 days... no accidents in 3 months.
emma: 3 months and counting. my strong willed daughter refuses to particiate in the potty excercise. prefers her pullups. sees no reason why she should change! ;)

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