Monday, October 25, 2010

That Daddy

While cleaning up a mess worthy of a second shower for me and a bath for the rest of the crew, Parker looked over my shoulder out the window...

"Look Mommy the sun is coming up."

Awww, nothing like a child to make you stop and smile even while trying not to gag.

"It is Parker, isn't it pretty?"

"Yes.  Daddy put the sun up for us.  Daddy took down the moon and put up the sun."

Yes Parker, Mommy is on my knees putting your poo where it belongs but Daddy took down the moon and hung the sun for you.

The Sun-Hanger himself with Parker, McKenna and our nieces.


Janet said...

Why is it that Daddy always gets credit for the Sun the Moon and the Stars but Mommy doesn't get credit for anything???

Chris P-M said...

The photo sure is cute :) I understand that frustration though... the same frustration of knowing that I will lay awake nights worrying about the kids, while my husband is fast asleep with nothing on his mind. What I wouldn't give for that peace of mind and the ability to go right to sleep at night. My hubby reminds me by saying "...but who do they GO to when they need comfort? You."

(another Spring Chicken)

MommyToTwoBoys said...

Too cute! Same thing happens around here. I get to clean up throw up while they play games.

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