Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm Still Standing- Featured Blogger

Christmas Eve is the perfect day to feature my next I'm Still Standing blogger because if there is one word to describe this amazing lady it would be "giving."  I was thrilled when she put her name in the hat to be featured because, since my first comment on her blog, she has become such a great friend.  I know first hand how supportive she is to people in her day to day life and to the people she meets out here in the blogosphere.  You would never know that she is a very busy momma herself, raising three children, one of whom has autism.

Oh and my favorite thing about this lady?  She gives me one more reason to want to visit Ireland which just so happens to be her place in the world.

If you don't already know her or haven't figured it out yet, today's featured blogger is Jen from The King and Eye.

Here is a post that Jen felt will help you get to know her best:

10 Things HRH Wants You to Know- a great post written by her little guy... very wise for his 2.5 years

Here is my favorite post because it is the most ingenious idea:

Blog Gems- Air Your Archives- Once a month Jen hosts Blog Gems.  She gives bloggers a chance to dig out an old post with a common theme and link to it on her blog.  I joined in for the first time last month and met all kinds of great new people and couldn't wait to do it again this month.  There is still time to join for December and link your first blog post ever... strange to go back and see where I was when my blogging addiction began.

Jen is parenting her children and bringing comfort and support to many other families while dealing with autism and Still Standing.

Hope you enjoy visiting Jen today, send her lots of warm, holiday wishes, she deserves them ten-fold.

To learn how you can get featured click the "Get Featured" tab along the top of my blog.

Merry Christmas,

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