Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Giveaway Day!!

I have been waiting for this day to get here all month.

It is finally my day to host a giveaway for loss moms only.

I loved following all of the giveaways last year and was so excited when Tina gave me a day to host this year.  Although my excitement quickly turned into fear once I remembered that I can't make a single creative thing to give away to any of you.

So, I did some thinking and came up with something that I hope you will like...

After we lost our daughter Hadley, I really did not do much for myself.  It took me a long time to care much about myself again and I have not felt very worthy of gifts or anything that focuses too much on me since.  So I would like to give one loss mom a little present just for her.

I ran my idea for a giveaway by a few friends of mine who are also loss moms and they all wanted to help.  SO, together we would like to give the winner $200 to spend on herself and only herself.  We would love to send you to a spa but if spas are not your kind of thing you can go on your own little shopping spree and buy whatever would make you happy.  My only requirement is that all $200 must be spent on YOU and only YOU.  Once I pick the winner you can let me know where you would like the gift card to and I will purchase it for you and send it your way.  I know if I send someone a check you will just selflessly spend it on lots of little things that end up not being for you so I insist that you let me buy your present for you!

To enter, first of all you must be a loss mom.  Please leave a comment and tell me anything you would like to share about your angel(s) and also leave your blog address if you have one.  (I would love to visit.)  For an additional entry you can tweet this or share it on facebook to spread the word, just leave another comment to let me know you did so.

Most importantly, as I mentioned, this gift is not just from me.  It comes with lots of love from Ari's mom, Caitlin's mom, Alex's mom, Benjamin's mom, Raiden, Ryker and Gwyneth's mom, Konstantin's mom and Hadley's grandma.

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still life angie said...

Thanks for this generous giveaway. My daughter Lucia was stillborn 12.22.08. I write about grief at still life with circles. I am up thinking about all I have to do to make the holidays happen, but I really just miss her.

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