Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm Still Standing- First Feature!

I was SO worried it would flop, but the moment I hit publish on my call out for bloggers who would like to offer support to other bloggers in their shoes, my inbox started filling up.  I'm not sure how I will wait until next Friday rolls around to feature the next blogger in my brain but hopefully the week will go by quickly!

So here comes the first I'm Still Standing blogger...

Jen is an amazing lady who, after winning the infertility battle, found herself as the mommy of a beautiful little girl with Down's Syndrome.  She writes with honesty, of her journey through disbelief, acceptance and ultimately, the embracing of all things wonderful in her little girl.  The moment I clicked on her blog I knew I could not wait another week to share her story.

Here are a few posts that sum up the struggles, triumphs and life of Jen at Loving Peanut... facing infertility and life as a special needs Mommy and still standing.

Jen's picks:

  T21 Blessings- piles of honesty
  Pumpkins and Ghosts and Singing, Oh My!- a play group tale and tribute to Down's Syndrome Awareness month.
  Hope for the Future- a run in with the "r" word

My pick (or my "I know this one is brutally honest but can I PLEASE share it" post):

  Welcome to Holland... Gerber Style- if you have read Welcome to Holland then just go right down to Jenny's tale of her short trip from Italy to Holland.  For me, this sums up Jen in all her kick-butt Mommy glory.

Hope you enjoyed visiting with the first of many amazing bloggers to come.  If you would like to be featured read here for all the details.

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