Thursday, December 9, 2010


When your kids are being quiet and you are thinking to yourself...

Oh they are so good, it is so nice they are finally old enough to entertain themselves 

and then you ask,

"What are you guys doing up there??"

and they sweetly reply

"Nothing Mommy"

 Yes I drew on the clothes, pretty fancy huh?  Not big on naked pics of my kids online these days but they can't keep their clothes on for five minutes and this picture HAD to be shared.
 Another view of the thoroughness of his work
and one last view from the front, notice the attempted facial and chest hair, poor boy already knows what he is missing.

Of course I am reinforcing this behavior because, as any good blogging mommy would do, right after I asked what in the world they were doing I told them not to move and ran for the camera.  Their fear of my presence is illustrated in picture #1, McKenna continues to direct Parker in what body part to decorate as I am snap away.

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