Saturday, December 18, 2010

Small Things Saturday

This one is easy, the Small Thing I appreciate this Saturday is that it is after midnight, I have a quiet house, a glass of wine and two whole weeks of being less out numbered than usual.  I don't love Mark's work hours but I LOVE his vacation time.  

How scary is it that I'm even looking forward to cleaning this weekend just because they can climb on my husband's head instead of mine while I vacuum the floors and clean the sinks???

Oh and there is cleaning to be done.  

Did you see this?
or this
or this?

With two of us home there will not be one bit of drawing on themselves, peeing on the floor or massaging the table with yogurt.  

I'm sure of it.

These innocent faces would never repeat such behaviors when Daddy AND Mommy are home.

What is your Small Thing to appreciate this Saturday??  Join the blog hop or leave a comment...

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