Thursday, February 4, 2010

What will she eat?

Today's picture is very fitting for our day
McKenna spent hours in these sunglasses after she found them under the abyss of our couch and wore them right through her favorite meal of bagels and cream cheese. So the reason this picture is so fitting is because it was taken before her doctors appointment this afternoon.

The one where we got all of her test results back.
The one where they told us that she is allergic to wheat
and dairy
and eggs
and we need to see an allergy specialist because the list is probably even longer.
No more bagels and cream cheese for my little peanut.

We have been in the special diet world for a while because of Ashlyn. She has been casein free since she was 8 (with great results) but McKenna's allergy is a little different. It is an actual allergy where as Ashlyn's is a food sensitivity that we manage to help decrease symptoms and behaviors related to autism. Ultimately two different problems with the same fix.

Am I making any sense at this point? It's late and we don't sleep in our house.

So now add in no wheat and no eggs and I am at a loss for what to feed Ms. McKenna, kicking myself for getting rid of my bread-maker and wondering how I am going to keep the never ending food-sharing that goes on around here at bay. Poor Parker, his wheat, dairy and egg days are probably numbered too.


BenLand said...

awe...why can't God make it easy and give kids allergies to brussel sprouts or spinach??!! hahaha
anyway, i feel bad for your little one...it's tough when you can't eat what you like :(

good luck...

Taylor and Allison said...

We have a family with many vegans, so I know a LOT about special diets! :). Get the Real Food Daily Cookbook. Its pretty good for ingredient ideas (the recipes are labor intensive but teaches you a lot). Stock up on Quinoa and Brown Rice Pasta, and Rice or Ezekial bread. a biscuit cutter and some soy cream cheese and you can fake that bagel and cream cheese love! :) welcome to veganism, with some meat peppered in there (until they tell you she's allergic to protein) j/k!!!

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