Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sparkly Shoes

McKenna got a bag full of pretty shoes today. These are her favorite, pink and sparkly.

Tonight at dinner the kids were swirling noodles on their fingers while I fed Sawyer.

Parker: Wooks wike a rainbow
Me: Aww, Parker, rainbows remind me of your sister
Parker: Hadley sister
McKenna: Hadley born
Me: Yes, Hadley was born with you two
Parker: Hadley at the table
Me: I wish Hadley was at the table, she is in our hearts
McKenna: In our hearts wiff Santa Clause
Parker: Santa at Christmastime

And they went back to their spaghetti.

Our conversation was so short but warmed my heart as much as it broke it. I love to hear them talk about their sister as if she was just here yesterday but I am sad for them that they will grow up with this reality. It is sweet that Hadley is next to Santa Clause in their hearts but she should be at the dinner table.

I wish they did not have to grow up knowing that babies can die or that a piece of their family is missing.

I wish McKenna could share her sparkly shoes.


Anonymous said...

Me too!
Love you all! Aunt Nancy

PFM said...

I am here from SITS sharefest. This brought tears to my eyes. I am glad I visited today.

HansShinta said...

This got me all teary. SITS sent me over, and Im glad I came by.

Happy Saturday Sharefest!

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