Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh My Ears

Today was completely full of whining. Everyone had a runny nose and a case of the whines. To top it off there was no napping.

Nothing like a little sleep deprivation to add another level of intensity to the whining.

Thank goodness Mark was home, he took the kids out for some fresh air and they had a blast and the whining was over for a short time. Until it was time to come inside of course then their was whining with a little mix of kicking and screaming.

Here are pics from our whine-free hour (a picture from any other part of our day would not have been pretty).


Gamma Sharon said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my beautiful Granddaughter Achaela. She is missed sooo much. Reading some of your posts brought tears to my eyes for you and for me and my daughter. It was the hardest thing I ever went through, I had lost both my parents and my father-n-law when Candace lost Achaela. I was torn in so many ways, wanting to fix it for my daughter who was so lost and also greiving for Achaela. If you read her blog you will relize that her marriage was not the best anyways and after the loss of Achaela her life just spiraled downwards. Things are getting better slowly but I am sure it would be helpful to her to talk to other loss moms.
Candace's blog is: http://drinksanddiapers.blogspot.com/
Thanks again, hope you have a great Sunday!

Gamma Sharon said...

I am sorry, I got long winded and forgot to comment on how beautiful your family is and how sweet it is that they talk about Hadley. My grandson is 2 and I talk with him about his sister.

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