Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wrapped in Babies

I have taken the house apart and can not find the wrap that I have been carrying Sawyer around in since he was born so today I bought the Moby wrap that I have always wanted. After an hour of tangling myself and the kids in the million feet of fabric inside the package I finally figured it out. I wish I would have gotten one a long time ago, I don't have much baby-wearing time left :(

Sawyer loved it and it was so nice to carry him this way, reminded me of when he was in my tummy. Parker and McKenna wanted in too so we took turns wrapping them up and Daddy carried them on his back. He sort of looked like a Star Wars character though so I wasn't allowed to take any pictures.

All of this baby and toddler wearing reminds me how lucky I am to have all of my kids. With me each day or only in my heart, I'm definitely wrapped in love.

Think he can go to kindergarten this way?


Crystal Escobar said...

Oh Jessica, I read that little sentence under Hadley's picture, and it instantly brought tears to my eyes. Did you write that? It is absolutely beautiful! So sorry to hear of your loss :(
By the way, I do love your blog, so will be following you :)
I like that little baby wrap, my baby is almost a year now, makes me sad that he's growing so fast. He needs to slow down a bit.

Nana said...

Oh Jessica, he looks so adorable tucked right in your heart. Wish I could have seen Mark!

Jill said...

I hope you find the wrap! I am sure you will love the Moby wrap though.

Proud parents of FOUR! said...

Aww I love this picture so sweet! No more baby wearing for me. :(

Steph said...

The Moby wrap is my absolute favorite! It's become my standard baby shower gift b/c I loved mine so much! Glad you are enjoying it! Now that the kids are older, we use the ergo carriers but I swear I was tempted to pull out the moby last week when my kids were sick - they say it holds up to 35 lbs. LOL>

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