Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Teenager

Since today is the 27th and Ashlyn was born on the 27th, this day makes me officially one month closer to having a 15 year old. Ugh! I really cannot believe that she is growing up so fast.

I think that I was just 15.

I wanted to post a cute pic of Ashlyn today but, if you know Ashlyn, you know that she does NOT like to get her picture taken. I figured the best thing I could do for her 14 years and 7 months after she was born was to not make her pose for a picture.

She is running track for Special Olympics and loving it. I always take one or more of the little ones to her practice and they run her "cool down" lap with her. It is so sweet to watch her be a big sister. Twelve years as an only child can make for a lot of adjusting but she has done so well and secretly loves our new craziness just a little bit I think :)
Did I mention how proud I am of her?

1 comment:

Carol B said...

You've raised a beautiful daughter!

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