Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I managed to get them all bathed together today. This involved me ultimately getting in half dressed to protect Sawyer from the Crazies but it was great to get everyone clean in one shot.

I wish I had a better background for this picture than an overturned exersaucer but that is life around here I guess! Oh, and in our house it is not called an exersaucer, it is called "only Sawyer's" which means, if you are not Sawyer you are not allowed to climb inside and refuse to get out when it is Sawyer's turn to get in.


Jill said...

Adorable picture!

Mikki Black said...

That's a real cute picture! I'm glad I swung over from SITS to see it: totally worth the trip. :)

Laura said...

Love it! It't the simplest things that make our lives so much easier! I remember when I first was able to put my three oldest in the tub together! (heaven!) Thanks for stopping by my 'moments of pause' blog! I'm glad it brought me back to your blog too- I love reading blogs!
Laura D.

ps- I'm from MI too! (SE Michigan) We have a great support group at our local hospital if you're in the area or ever interested...

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